Top 20 NuGet Dapper Packages

CRUD Extensions for Dapper.Net
This module of the GFramework gives you automatic CRUD functionality based on the framework
Provides extension methods to Entity Framework Core DbContext, for querying using parameterized raw SQL queries, then logged using Serilog. Provides extension methods for defragmenting database indexes. Provides pagination base classes and methods.
Easy Table Valued Parameter - Easy one to many insert/update/delete.
Dapper; installed as code that compiles into your project instead of an assembly dependency.
SmartSql V2.0 obsolete SmartSql.Logging.NLog using DI injection.
Repository and unit of work implementation using Dapper
Raf is .net farmework rapid development framework
DBHelperDapper library. Requires: - .NET Framework(>=4.0)
Dapper for IdentityServer3 including Clinet, Scope and Token etc.
This is a set of Dapper .Net wrappers and helpers aims to simplify data manipulations in large scale applications without compromise of using ORM
DataTables.AspNet extensions for DapperExtensions.
The Dapper SqlBuilder component, for building SQL queries dynamically. This is an alternate version, as the Dapper.SqlBuilder package is not maintained by StackExchange, and the publisher doesn't update it for almost an year.
Authentication database service using roles
Library with common extensions and helpers for use Dapper in code data wrapper framework
基于 Dapper、Dapper-Extensions 构建的微型 ORM 类库,提供一个包含增、删、改、查等常用方法的数据访问层基类,支持用 Lambda 表达式书写查询和更新条件