Top 20 NuGet CSS Packages

Meleze.Web is a toolbox to optimize ASP.NET MVC 3.0, MVC 4.0 and MVC 5.0 applications. It provides HTML, JS and CSS minification of Razor views and caching of the returned pages. The package version 1.4.x targets ASP.NET MVC 4.0 and 5.0. Use version 1.3.x for MVC 3.0.
FileTagger provides HTML helpers to create tags for JavaScript, CSS or other file-based elements in an ASP.NET MVC project.
Font Awesome, the iconic font and css toolkit. Follows the MVC directories best practices.
A set of awesome modern components that you can use in every Web project
Flex is a flexible box layout system written in C, designed to be easy to consume from other languages.
A .Net Core rewrite and extension of the former Asp.Net Web Optimization bundling framework
Core C# high-level wrapper around libsass library
This packages adds bootstrap 3 support to the Durandal StarterKit written by Rob Eisenberg. Built using Durandal 2.0.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Durandal is a cross-device, cross-platform client framework written in JavaScr...
BundleTransformer.WG contains one minifier-adapter for minification of CSS code - `WgCssMinifier`. `WgCssMinifier` is based on the WebGrease Semantic CSS minifier ( version 1.6.0.
The CSS Friendly Control Adapters kit (for ASP.Net 2.0) provides pre-built control adapters that you can easily use to generate CSS-friendly markup from some of the more commonly used ASP.NET controls.
Syntax Highlighter written by JavaScript and CSS (and C# Helper)
MSBuild task for expanding Web Essentials bundles in HTML files.
Iconator is an Umbraco datatype that allows the picking of CSS icon classes.
Packaging and configuration for the Microsoft.Web.Optimization package.
Sass CSS compiler support for Cassette.
Free Flatly theme(only CSS) from for Twitter Bootstrap -Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile-first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. [Based on Twitter Bootstrap Version 3.2.0]. For javascript font files use official Bootstrap package.
The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
Skeleton is a small collection of CSS & JS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17" laptop screen or an iPhone.
A Super Simple Asset Bundler for NancyFx
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