Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

Write Serilog events to Azure DocumentDB
SelectPdf can be used as a general purpose PDF library in any .NET application. It offers the possibility to create or modify existing documents, add new elements (like text, html, images, shapes), change pdf document security settings, merge or split existing documents and many more. Select.Pdf al...
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
Autofac integration for Azure Service Fabric. Provides service factory implementations for Actors, Stateful Services and Stateless Services.
This client library provides access to the Microsoft Azure Batch service.
SelectPdf Html To Pdf Converter for .NET - Community Edition is the free version of the powerful html to pdf converter available in SelectPdf Library for .NET. The converter offers a lot of powerful options (convert any web page to pdf, convert any html string to pdf, html5/css3/javascript support,...
This client library enables working with the Microsoft Azure storage services which include the blob and file service for storing binary and text data, the table service for storing structured non-relational data, and the queue service for storing messages that may be accessed by a client. For...
Enables ImageResizer to access and process images from Azure. Docs: Support: Requires license, see ## 30+ plugins available Search 'ImageResizer' on, or visit imageresizing...
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Analytics
This package provides a C# based durable task framework for writing long running applications.
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Table Storage over HTTP.
Azure Storage Extensions is a .NET library aimed for managing and querying entities from Microsoft Azure Storage. It's built on top of Azure Storage Client Library, provides LINQ to Azure Tables queries and async interfaces.
Serilog event sink that writes to Microsoft Application Insights.
Provides easy-to-use and robust fully distributed locks (using SQLServer) as well as wrappers for named system-wide locks (using WaitHandles)
ASP.NET Core lightup integration with Azure AppServices.
This is the next generation Azure Service Bus .NET Standard client library that focuses on queues & topics. For more information about Service Bus, see
ASP.NET Core integration with Azure AppServices.
Microsoft Azure Blob storrage support as key store.
This package contains the runtime assemblies required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
This package contains Service Framework Remoting APIs for building and connecting to reliable services on Microsoft Service Fabric.