Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

CloudMonix is a sophisticated Microsoft Azure monitoring and automation product. This is the official public API client to manage CloudMonix objects and data.
MongoDB persistence for NServiceBus 6.x
The package contains abstract interfaces of service bus and specific transport implementation for AMQP/RabbitMQ.
Streamstone is a lightweight library which implements a low-level mechanics of Event Store on top of Windows Azure Table Storage. Handles concurrency conflicts via optimistic locking. Supports custom event and stream metadata. Optimized for batch processing.
.NET library which minifies, compresses, combines, and caches JavaScript and CSS resources of ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC web applications. Simply put, this library helps your applications rank better with YSlow and PageSpeed.
Arragro provider for Storage (Azure).
Use Azure ServiceBus as a message, event or command bus in CQRS.NET
Use Azure Cosmos DB (DocumentDB) as an event store, read store and data store in CQRS.NET
Use Ninject as your IoC container of choice with Microsoft Azure DocumentDB for CQRS.NET
Application Insights Performance Counters Collector allows you to send data collected by Performance Counters to Application Insights. Application Insights Performance Counters Collector is supported for .NET FX 4.0 and later. Privacy statement:
Common code for Azure IoT Device and Service SDKs
Provides Data Lake Analytics account, job and catalog management capabilities for Microsoft Azure.
Receive BrokeredMessages in ServiceFabric Services through Service Bus. Add this package to your Reliable Service projects. The ServiceFabric.ServiceBus.Services Class Library can be used in conjunction with ServiceFabric.ServiceBus.Clients (optional)
Data transformation and analytics library - supporting functions. See the project url for more details.
ASP.NET Core types and middlewares to accept tokens from Azure B2C and Azure AD tenants. For more info, see the project url
.NetStandard library for accessing easily Azure AD/B2C secured API's via Oauth2 and getting information via the Graph Api
Spring IT Service bus implementation
Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter for Azure can be used in Azure Websites which have to run under a restricted environment. The general library for .NET can still be used directly in web roles and worker roles of Azure Cloud Services and in applications running on Azure Virtual Machines but it canno...
Crypteron Security Framework Core Library shared by CipherDB, CipherStor, CipherObject and other products.
ConDep is a highly extendable Domain Specific Language for Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code on Windows.