Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

This package provides AspNetCore Kestrel based communication listener for Service Fabric microservices.
This package contains the interfaces required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
This package adds binding extensions for Http.
Microsoft Azure WebJobs SDK EventHubs Extension
This package contains binding extensions for Azure Cosmos DB.
Microsoft Azure Container Instance Management Library
This package contains assemblies required by Service Fabric's ReliableCollections APIs.
High performance and availability, scalable and very flexible pure .NET database. Using VelocityDB saves time and money for all software requiring reliable, high performance data persistence. Any .NET object can be efficiently persisted and retrieved within ACID transactional scope. The use of Veloc...
Arragro provider for Storage (Azure).
ASP.NET Core types and middlewares to accept tokens from Azure B2C and Azure AD tenants. For more info, see the project url
.NetStandard library for accessing easily Azure AD/B2C secured API's via Oauth2 and getting information via the Graph Api
AutofacOnFunctions let you easily use the brilliant Autofac capabilities in Azure Functions V2
DataStore.Interfaces Class Library
Include extension methods for Combres to integrate more nicer with ASP.NET MVC applications.
CacheManager is an open source caching abstraction layer for .NET written in C#. It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features. The Core library contains all base interfaces and tools. You should install at least one other CacheManager package to get cache handle implemen...
Microsoft Azure Key Vault Core Class Library
Log4net Appender for Azure Event Hub
This is Azure Relay .NET Standard client library for Hybrid Connections. For more information about Relay, see This package is only supported on Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 and newer.
This library simplifies the task of adding background processing to your Microsoft Azure Web Sites. The SDK uses Microsoft Azure Storage, triggering a function in your program when items are added to Queues and Blobs. A dashboard provides rich monitoring and diagnostics for the programs that you wri...
This package contains Timers and File triggers. For more information, please visit