Top 20 NuGet Azure Packages

CacheManager extension package which adds System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache as an option for a local in-memory cache layer. CacheManager is an open source caching abstraction layer for .NET written in C#. It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features.
A set helpers and tools for the Microsoft Azure platform.
Microsoft Azure Management Storage Library
Microsoft Azure Key Vault Cryptography Class Library
A client for Azure Time Series Insights
Use this package if you're developing automation in .NET to manage Azure Search indexes, synonym maps, indexers, data sources, or other service-level resources. If you only need to query or update documents in your indexes, use the Microsoft.Azure.Search.Data package instead. If you need all the fun...
Use this package if you're developing a .NET application using Azure Search, and you only need to query or update documents in your indexes. If you also need to create or update indexes, synonym maps, or other service-level resources, use the Microsoft.Azure.Search package instead.
Common types needed by the Azure Search .NET libraries. This is not the package you are looking for; It is only meant to be used as a dependency.
Provides capabilities to easily integrate with Azure Event Grid such as pushing events, endpoint authentication & handshake, contracts and more
EzBus - Messaging made easy!
Receive BrokeredMessages in ServiceFabric Services through Service Bus. Add this package to your Reliable Service projects. The ServiceFabric.ServiceBus.Services Class Library can be used in conjunction with ServiceFabric.ServiceBus.Clients (optional)
Arragro provider for Storage (Azure).
Spring IT Service bus implementation
Helper library for creating Service Fabric ServiceInstanceListeners to listen to Azure Service Bus queues for WCF messages
Helper library for connecting to queued services via Azure Service Bus within Service Fabric
Simple Oauth2 client.
The Transient Fault Handling Core provides the retry mechanisms to make your application more resilient to transient faults in both synchronous and asynchronous scenarios.
ConDep is a highly extendable Domain Specific Language for Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code on Windows.
Simple Oauth2 client.
TwentyTwenty.Storage.Google Class Library