Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

DO NOT USE. Instead simply use the JSNLog package.
This is a .NET Standard library. It is the base/core library required to build either Chromely CefSharp or Chromely CefGlue apps. It has all the common features and functionalities for both types of apps on either Windows or Linux.
Use GrabzIt to take PDF, DOCX or image screenshots of websites. The screenshots are highly customizable options include altering quality, delay, size, browser type, geographic location and much more. You can even convert HTML directly into images, DOCX documents, PDF's, or capture tables from web p...
JSON mapper for System.Json
WampSharp WAMP1 default binding, implemented using Newtonsoft.Json, WebSocket4Net and Fleck
Elm-inspired encoder and decoder for JSON targetting .Net and NetCore runtime
ByteScout Document Parser SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX - parse data from PDF documents and images.
A serializer for complex objects based on the maximum compression of the file. Used for data transfer, as well as for files. Uses the reflection of identical data. Will help save more space up to 70%. An excellent way to transfer the encryption object.
SpanJson is a JSON serializer for .NET Core 2.1+
jQuery plugin that unobtrusively sets up jQuery Ajax.
Chromely CefSharp Winapi implementation. Chromely.CefSharp.Winapi version naming is based on CefSharp.Common version referenced.
Chromely CefGlue Winapi implementation library - this is in .NET Standard 2.0 as it can be used in both .NET (Windows) and .NET Core (Windows, Linux). Chromely.CefGlue.Winapi version naming is based on CefGlue Cef version implemented.
cloudscribe.SimpleContent.Storage implemented with NoDb file system storage
Tools and extensions for working with json.
Includes types that provide support for creating, serializing and validating JSON Web Tokens.
Core utility to access and manage HoxWi Platform.
Library for diffing and RFC 6902 patching json objects - forked from Tavis.JsonPatch, with an addition of json diff code by Ian Mercer, with additional partial array LCS diff by JC Dickinson
JSON ServiceClient implementation based on .NET's HttpClient
Read data from strings in XML/JSON/YAML/CSV formats into a tree structure. Create data nodes manually and serialize it back to those formats.
A simple, lightweight and mockable C# Rest client focused on JSON but works also with plain text and raw bytes, built on top of HttpClient and Newtonsoft.Json.