Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

App Metrics Formatters for health check results to JSON using Newtonsoft.Json.
.Net library for GeoJSON types and corresponding Json.Net (de)serializers.
XML XSerializer's XML serialization handles properties and types that the System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer does not handle, such as interfaces and dictionaries. It is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the BCL XmlSerializer - it uses the same attributes: [XmlElement], [XmlAttribute], etc. ...
Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration (appsettings.json) support for Serilog.
Json.NET Schema is a complete and easy-to-use JSON Schema framework for .NET
JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
Provides serialization support between Noda Time and Json.NET.
ASP.NET Core support for JSON PATCH. This package was built from the source at:
ASP.NET Core MVC formatters for JSON input and output and for JSON PATCH input using Json.NET. This package was built from the source at:
The F# Data library (FSharp.Data.dll) implements everything you need to access data in your F# applications and scripts. It implements F# type providers for working with structured file formats (CSV, HTML, JSON and XML) and for accessing the WorldBank data. It also includes helpers for parsing CSV, ...
Chilkat .NET Class Library (64-bit) for SSH/SFTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, SSL/TLS, Zip, REST, OAuth2, HTTP, RSA, XML DSig, Encryption, Compression, XML, Socket, XMP, HTML to XML, JSON, JWT, OAuth1, conversion, PKCS12/PFX, Java Keystore, ASN.1, PEM, ECC, Async, ...
GraphQL for .NET
Easy-to-use typesafe REST API client library, which is simple and customisable.
JavaScript logging package that lets you log exceptions, AJAX timeouts and other client side events in your server side log. Supports ASP.NET 4.x (.Net 4.5.2+) and ASP.NET CORE (.NETStandard 2.0+).
Discriminated Json Subtypes Converter implementation for .NET
The C++ REST SDK is a Microsoft project for cloud-based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. This project aims to help C++ developers connect to and interact with services.
MySQL provider for Entity Framework Core
JSON Schema reader, generator and validator for .NET
West Wind Web and AJAX Utilities provide a host of Web related utility functions and objects related to path management, script loading, script and page compression, UserState management, Cookie management and more. There's also a self-contained, light weight CallbackHandler that allows you to embed...
App Metrics Formatters for metrics and environment data to JSON using Newtonsoft.Json.