Top 20 NuGet AJAX Packages

.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack.RabbitMq
Authentication and service implementation for the Twitter API.
Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX - extract data from PDF documents
PagedList makes it easier for .Net developers to write paging code. It allows you to take any IEnumerable(T) and by specifying the page size and desired page index, select only a subset of that list. PagedList also provides properties that are useful when building UI paging controls.
A server-side library for .NET that extends WebSync to provide location/user-based chat services. (Community Edition)
JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. See This package implements JSON encoders/decoders in JavaScript.
Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX/COM - create and modify Excel files
Ramone is a C# library that simplifies access to HTTP based Web APIs and REST services. It has a strong focus on REST and implements elements of the Uniform Interface as first class citizens of the API.
Provides serialization support between Noda Time and Json.NET.
This package implements the Dynamic Serialization of json objects
GrapeCity Documents for Excel is a high-speed, small-footprint spreadsheet API that requires no dependencies on Excel. With full .NET Standard 2.0 support, you can generate, load, modify, and convert spreadsheets in .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, and Xamarin. Apps using this spreadsheet API can be...
JSON serialization capabilites for Tiger Types.
Represents a connection to Json data for FastReport.Net.
Simple REST and HTTP API Client
Configuration utilities for .NET
General purpose library for type conversion, reflection, caching, JSON, logging, ...
Stimulsoft Reports.UWP is a reporting tool that is developed for Windows Universal App. Rich capabilities of rendering, viewing, printing and exporting reports – it's all about Stimulsoft Reports.UWP. The product uses the reports engine for creating reports which is based on the many years experienc...
Nethereum.JsonRpc IpcClient for NamedPipes and UnixSockets Class Library
A handy collection of utilties for working with JSON, settings, and more.
JSON serialization implementation supported by Manatee.Json.