Top 20 NuGet diff Packages

DiffPlex is a diffing library that allows you to programatically create text diffs. DiffPlex is a fast and tested library.
Library for diffing and RFC 6902 patching json objects - forked from Tavis.JsonPatch, with an addition of json diff code by Ian Mercer, with additional partial array LCS diff by JC Dickinson
A CSharp library that allows you to diff two objects and get a list of the differences back.
JSON object diffs and reversible patching
This library allows comparing objects and provide distinctions. What is more, this tool can set compare strategy for certain properties or fields and types
Comparer for arbitrary object graphs
A library to help with .NET API development and and NuGet diff-ing.
Package Description
Low-allocation version of DiffMatchPatch
A simple diff viewer to see differences between 2 bodies of texts
Simple Object Comparer that generates a Diff between objects and is able to Patch one object to transforms into the other. Uses Newtonsoft Json.Net for Diff and Patch. Note: this nuget package contains C# source code and depends on .Net 4.0.
Diffa is a .netstandard unit-test assertion library that allows you to verify your test results against approved files. Inspired by [ApprovalTests](, Diffa will also automatically launch your favorite diff tool when an assertion fails so you can compare...
Utility for walking of JSON and XML for merge and diff proposes
Find the difference between two sequences of blobs on Azure Blob Storage
Find the difference between two sequences of documents on Azure Search
Common infrastructure for comparison things. Like Azure Storage blobs or Azure Search documents.
A simple diff comparison asserter that makes it easy to assert if two texts (strings) are equal, and display the differences in a diff tool if they are not. Simply put it is a much simpler (and dumber) version of ApprovalTests that should get the job done for simple scenarios. You can easily create ...
Diff.Match.Patch is a port of google-diff-match-patch.
A library for producing diffs of images with highlighting.
deltaq is a .NET Core class library for fast delta encoding in .NET Supports creating and applying patches in BSDIFF format