Top 20 NuGet dice Packages

PivotData OLAP library: in-memory multidimensional dataset for data aggregation, roll-up, slice and dice, pivot table data calculation.
A Collection of Fuzzy String Algorithms for .NET. Partially derived from multiple open sources. See individual algorithm classes for attributions.
This generates items for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 system. One can generate treasure or individual items such as coins, goods, weapons, armor, and magical items.
A .NET Standard class library providing map generation, path-finding, and field-of-view utilities frequently used in roguelikes or 2D tile based games. Inspired by libtcod New features: * Map and cell classes now have generic versions that are easier to inherit from. * Weighted pool class fo...
A Collection of Fuzzy String Algorithms for .NET Classic and .NET Core.
This is used to make creating true random number sets such as cards or dice. The results will eventually deal all choices if the MinReshuffleLevel is low enough.
Dice roll simulations.
Library to parse and roll any dice notation. Use this library in your applications to roll random dice without having to write all of the code yourself.
A .NET Standard metapackage for card and board game functionality and components, such as dice and cards.
This generates characters for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 system. One can generate characters at random or within certain parameters. Characters are equipped.
This is a Ninject-based bootstrapper for CharacterGen
This is the Ninject-based bootstrapper for EncounterGen
A .NET Standard library for dice, including standard and custom dice.
Randomizer for NDice using Troschuetz.Random
Randomizer for NDice using System.Security.Cryptography
Randomizer for NDice using API
Official NDice metapackage for randomizers
Extensible and well-documented dice roller with a robust set of features. Excellent for play-by-post forums, virtual tabletops, or for integrating into character sheets or encounter managers.
This gives a basic, fluid interface for rolling dice from the D20 system - commonly known to work with Dungeons and Dragons. Die included are d2, d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, Percentile (d100), and custom die rolls.
Dice toolkit for .Net. Construct dice with interesting behaviors.