Top 20 NuGet delegate Packages

Extra type constraints for Enum and Delegate.
Roslyn based C# heap allocation diagnostic analyzer that can detect explicit and many implicit allocations like boxing, display classes a.k.a closures, implicit delegate creations, etc The code-assist version that integrates with the Visual Studio 2017 IDE is here, https://marketplace.v...
Helpful static methods (or extension methods) for enums and delegates, with constraints which can't be expressed in regular C#.
Tool to generate TypeScript declaration files for MS Dynamics 365/CRM client-side coding.
Delegate-like classes for covariant and contravariant delegates and events
Class library for performing advanced operations with types, dynamic objects, and reflection.
A framework for automating a lot of xRM development processses. By using simple F# script commands/files one can save a lot of time and effort during this process by using Delegates DAXIF# library.
Tool to generate early-bound .NET classes and enumerations for MS Dynamics 365/CRM server-side coding.
Export Office365 Audit logs via Webhook
.NET Standard Library providing delegated implementations of common interfaces.
NRecoFramework: commons library for delegate adapters (partial delegate application, lazy delegate proxy), runtime type converters (adapters for collections, lists, dictionaries), lambda parser.
Configures a project to automatically compile all SASS/SCSS files to css during build. No manual setup required and no dependencies are added to your project
* Allows you to Subscribe to a queue instead of polling it in a busy loop. That is, you provide a delegate function in “Subscribe” method and this callback will be invoked every time a new message is added to the queue. This library will also handle serialization and deserialization for your objects...
FlashReflection allows fast reflection by caching and creating delegates of methods and properties
A cross-platform library for working with unmanaged assemblies; written in C#
Create multi-statement expression trees in a similar way you write C#.
Addes Swashbuckle to the solution with the Delegate A/S specific branding. Swashbuckle provides a swagger ui for your WebAPI.
It is a Fay Logging facade for the Microsoft Enterprise Library Logging Application Block version 5. This facade provides a simple delegate logging API making logging easier, while helping to make sure any of the code required to generate a log message is not executed unless the logging level is wit...