Top 20 NuGet power Packages

.NET Client library for Microsoft Power BI public REST endpoints providing access to your Workspaces, Reports, Datasets and more.
Library for parsing PQDIF (Power Quality Data Interchange Format) files
AccessControlHelper for mvc and core apps
Easily create, build and deployment solution for your custom control using PCF.
A suite of JavaScript web components for integrating Power BI into your app
Microsoft Power BI Core Libraries
INA260 I2C current and power monitor
ASP.NET Core middleware for deserializing EF Core queries.
Functionality for serializing queries and retrieving results using HttpClient.
Enable/disable Entities and attributes for Portal Web API and Generate Code Snippets
Functionality for serializing and deserializing expression trees.
A modeling of units of measures that does automatic conversion between units for any modeled quantity.
The Package is for PowerPoint. 1.Comments Add 2.Comments Read 3.Comments Delete 4.Slide Extractor 5.Execute Macro 6.Edit Text 7.ImageExtractor 8.ChartShapeCount 9.ImageShapeCount 10.TextShapeCount 11. Delete Image
Core functionality for working with expression trees.
Automatically creates a NuGet package from your project each time it builds. The NuGet package is placed in the project's output directory. If you want to use a .nuspec file, place it in the same directory as the project's project file (e.g. .csproj, .vbproj, .fsproj). This adds a PostBuildScripts...
This package includes Windows.System.Power like APIs cross-platform such as: - PowerManager for providing access to information about a device's battery and power supply status.
Retrieves CPUs installed on the system and relatives bus, clocks, voltages and temperatures. For dotnet standard.
Library for .Net Framework 4.5
Power Assert (power-assert) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
An object model for the NewsML - Power 2.27 standard providing strongly typed classes that can be serialized/deserializsed to XML.