Top 20 NuGet id Packages

Unified is immutable high performance Id library.
Authenticate a user via fingerprint, face id or any other biometic / local authentication method from a cross platform API.
A library that generates random identifiers from 7 to 14 characters. Identifiers generated can be used as primary keys for databases or unique identifiers.
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
Authenticate a user via fingerprint, face id or any other biometic / local authentication method from a cross platform API.
Enrich logs with a unique ID so you can track logs for specific requests.
Unified.Json is JsonConverter for UnifiedId to use it as ValueObject.
JSPrintManager is a Javascript + Client App solution for Client-side Printing & Scanning scenarios designed to be used in any Website developed on top of any Web Platform like ASP.NET, PHP, Django, Ruby On Rails (RoR), Express.js and more! By writing pure Javascript code, JSPrintManager allows you t...
Reliable unique ID generation for distributed applications. This package provides highly tuned tools for ID generation and management. Auto-increment IDs reveal sensitive information. UUIDs (also known as GUIDs) are inefficient as primary keys in a database. Having two different IDs is cumbersome ...
Country Validator is a library that can be used to validate VAT/TVA codes, social security numbers and TINs (Tax Identification Numbers). All countries from European Union are supported and United States.
Azure-based implementations for the Architect.Identities package. This package allows Azure blob storage to be used as the synchronization mechanism for assigning unique IDs to each application instance. services.AddIdGenerator(generator => generator.UseAzureBlobStorageContainer(new BlobContainerC...
DataAnnotations to validate VAT codes, social security numbers or tin numbers.
Ported from - A fast, low allocation, zero config, thread-safe 12 byte UUID generator based on the Mongo Object Id algorithm.
This implementation for the Logfile framework allows logging to files or consoles in a structured fashion. Different information retain their types throughout the whole logging process even inside the logfile. Thus it can later be parsed easily for automated analysis or displaying purposes. The logg...
EntityFramework extensions for the Architect.Identities package. Use DbContext-based connections for the Fluid ID generator: public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddPooledDbContextFactory<ExampleDbContext>(context => context.UseSqlServer("ConnectionString")); ...
Package Description
For .Net Core support check SeriesIDParserCore ( Supported by JetBrains ( Supported by Atlassian ( (Not renewed by me) Parses series or movie strings to detailed object. Input: "Knight.Rider.S0...
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net Core
AspNetCore integration for Identifiers with DependencyInjection integration