Top 20 NuGet get Packages

libvideo is a fast, clean way to download YouTube videos. It is fully portable and has no dependencies. Find us on GitHub at
Tha package contains more activities .It make more the excel automation.
Are you a user of YoutubeExtractor looking to switch to libvideo? libvideo.compat is a compatibility API that helps you to make the move, without having to change a single line of code. Find us on GitHub at
扩展 邮件 Json 序列化 POST Get 枚举 验证 config文件操作
This package's activities are to make easy automation in Excel.
JsonHCS.Net.Proxies for .Net is a JsonHCS.Net based proxy generator for easy and fast (but powerful) api definitions
JsonHCS (Json Http Client Simplified) for .Net is a HTTP Client wrapper with Json support
Collection of helper functions for interacting with HTTP calls
The Fetch_dotNET Class Library is a high level wrapper around the HttpWebRequest. The library is currently compiled at .Net 4.5 so it should work with any application running .Net 4.5 and above. Fetch_dotNET provides the Fetch API for your networking needs. Fetch will seem familiar if you have us...
Elasticsearch Bulk and Search is a high level library to make easy basic query operations (get, search and scroll) and index operations (single index or bulk), besides paging, sorting and query buider.
MongoCRUD is a high level library to make easy basic operations like create, update, update partial by query, upsert, delete, delete by query, get, search with paging and sorting, and filter buiders.
Extensions for HttpClient
Utilizado para integrações com api(s)
Enrich the BusClient with GetAsync, that leverages BasicGet (the 'pull-API')
This package allows you to retrieve the web browsers (including Microsoft Edge) installed on the system.
Fast and simple methods to get input from the console with messages, conversions and validations!
Demonstrates usage of the Xunit.Theoretical Test Cases base class.
Provides a foundation upon which Xunit Theory Class Data may be generated more succinctly.
Use this Package to Download application and Get application Information from Microsoft AppCenter.