Top 20 NuGet blockchain Packages

Nethereum.Quorum. Extension to interact with Quorum, the permissioned implementation of Ethereum supporting data privacy created by JP Morgan
Netherum.Geth is the extended Web3 library for Geth. including the non-generic RPC API client methods to interact with the Go Ethereum Client (Geth) Admin, Debug, Miner.
Nethereum.HdWallet uses BIP32 and BIP39 to generate an HD tree of Ethereum compatible addreses from a randomly generated word seeds. This is compatible with keys generated using the standard (m/44'/60'/0'/0/x) usded in BIP44, MetaMask, Jaxx, MyEtherWallet (default), TREZOR App, Exodus or (...
Nethereum.Web3 Ethereum Web3 Class Library to interact via RCP with an Ethereum client, for example geth. Including contract interaction, deployment, transaction, encoding / decoding and event filters
Nethereum.BlockchainProcessing Ethereum blockchain processing allowing to crawl Blocks, Transactions, TransactionReceipts and Logs (Event) for storage and / or using custom handlers like queuing , search, etc
Encoding and decoding of ABI Types, functions, events of Ethereum contracts
Nethereum.RPC Ethereum Core RPC Class Library to interact via RCP with an Ethereum client, for example geth.
Keystore generation, encryption and decryption for Ethereum key files using the Web3 Secret Storage definition,
Nethereum Utilities library, including Sha3 Keccack encoding and Address Checksum
Nethereum signer library to sign and verify messages, RLP and transactions using an Ethereum account
RLP Encoding and decoding
Nethereum Contracts is the core library to interact via RPC with Smart contracts in Ethereum
Nethereum.Accounts Ethereum Accounts and Transaction Managers Class Library
Nethereum.Model Ethereum Core Moel Class Library
HexTypes for encoding and encoding String, BigInteger, this is specific for Ethereum
The Blockcore node software is a full consensus validating node software that runs a blockchain protocol. It is compatible with Bitcoin and utilized by other blockchains at the primary full node.
Modified fork of the original NBitcoin, modified to be useable for a full blockchain implementation.
Blockcore Features Wallet
Blockcore Features MemoryPool
Blockcore Features BlockStore