Top 20 NuGet badge Packages

Xamarin.Forms plugin to add cross-platform bindable tab (tabbar) badge functionality. Read the full documentation on the project page.
Syncfusion BadgeView control for Xamarin.Forms is a notification control consists of small shapes such as circle and rectangle which contain a number or message. It is used to show the notification count, messages and status of something. It has key features such as animation, predefined shapes and ...
Library to add ImageView (ImageBadgeView) with a badge like notification count.
Generate tile, toast, and badge notifications for Windows 10 via code, with the help of IntelliSense. Adds Support for adaptive tiles and adaptive/interactive toasts for Windows 10. It is part of the Windows Community Toolkit. Supports C# and C++ UWP project types (see Microsoft.Toolkit....
Android Library to display ratings and other information in a beautiful badge!!
Xamarin.Forms plugin to add additional features to Tabbed Page, like disable loading pages, setting selected and unselected icon seperately, retaining original icon colours.
Android Toolbar badge button. A customizable square button to use as toolbar button with badge number.
A simple Xamarin.Forms BadgeView to use anywhere in your application. Change the color and apply a number to the badge. That's it!
Version 1.1.18 ME.Leolin.Shortcutbadger.ShortcutBadger.ApplyCount(context, count); ME.Leolin.Shortcutbadger.ShortcutBadger.RemoveCount(context);
Simple chip library that allows you to create your own chip views and views for the ListView all within one adapter.
Shows a label above an ImageView or any other Android views easily
Xamarin.Forms flowing entry with tags/badges support.
Set application badge across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows from a single API. Ability to modify application badge value
The ShortcutBadger makes your Android App show the count of unread messages as a badge on your App shortcut.
A Xamarin Android binding for Leo Lin, ShortcutBadger. The ShortcutBadger makes your Android App show the count of unread messages as a badge on your App shortcut.
Standard API to set icon badge.
Android Slanted TextView
The official NotificationsExtensions library from Microsoft. Supports C# and C++ UWP project types (see NotificationsExtensions.Win10.JavaScript for the JS version). Also works with C# portable class libraries and non-UWP C# projects like server projects. Generate tile, toast, and badge notific...
BadgedView is what Plaid and HuPu Sports uses to show a badge in an ImageView. BadgedView allows you show a badge into any Android's View.
The official NotificationsVisualizerLibrary library from Microsoft. This is for Windows 10 UWP apps using the 10240 SDK or newer. Have you ever wanted to display a preview of your live tile in your app's settings page, so the user can instantly see how your various settings will affect their live t...