Top 20 NuGet bson Packages

MongoDB's Official Bson Library.
(Unofficial) Signed MongoDB's Bson Library. The containing assembly was generated by signing the officially published MongoDB.Bson.dll.
BsonSerializers for NodaTime types.
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Protocol
Json.NET BSON adds support for reading and writing BSON
Serialization logic used by OBC assets, provides both Binary and String serialization in BSON using Mongo. It includes auto configuration logic and various helper methods that can be used independently.
BSON serializers for AccountingTime types.
Provides BSON serialization implementation using MongoDB.Bson. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - BsonSerializer. Kephas Framework ("stone" in aramaic) aims to deliver a solid infrastructure for applications and application ecosystems.
Bootstraps an OBC BSON Serialization project.
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Service
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.Http
JsonFx serialization framework
Abbotware Interop Library for Newtonsoft libraries - Contains helper methods, extension methods, and plugins
ASP.NET Core BSON formatter, used for working with Binary JSON responses/requests.
BSON Serialization Configuration for types in Naos.HubSpot.
Bson serialization and MongoDB query rendering for NMoney
Bson serializer for use with LazyData
Extension methods for MongoDB.Bson.Path that implement jsonpath. The code is a port of the jsonpath engine in Newtonsoft.Json.
This is the BSON-Extension for the OSMDataPrimitives project
An out-of-the-box Web API for invoking database stored procedures, transforming the results as JSON, BSON, JSONP, XML, CSV, Excel xlsx, or any text generated by Razor dynamic template. Please visit for detail.