NuGet Package Cocoon ORM MySQL Adapter

Cocoon ORM is a simple to use .Net open source alternative to the Entity Framework and nHibernate created for SQL Server 2008/2012/20014/+, SQL Azure (but workable in other T-SQL database environments), and MySQL.

It is an ORM toolset that performs: automapping, auto CRUD (including select joins), auto SQL, auto stored procedure parameter mapping, and more. It creates easy to inspect parametrized SQL that is execution plan and cache friendly. The SQL that Cocoon ORM generates is the same SQL you yourself might write had you the time.

Cocoon ORM is for developers who are unwilling to trust the Entity Framework or NHibernate to create and manage their database and database code. Cocoon ORM developers should be comfortable with SQL Server and MySQL as well.


Some features will be disabled in the MySQL database adapter.


The goals of Cocoon ORM

Leverage simplicity and elegance.
Save time
Reduce bugs
Massivly reduce the amount of code required for database access.
Features of Cocoon ORM

Requires no special training; examples are plentiful and directly applicable to your code today.
Includes regression and benchmarking tools for the truly performance paranoid.
Directly compare performance between Cocoon dynamic parametrized SQL and that of traditional stored procedure.
Leverages data annotations similar to that of the Entity Framework.
Can be used in a simplified code first or a concise code second environment.
Rudementary table generation tools are provided primarily as a time saver; not to remove the need for the developer to understand the underlying database structure.


Version: 1.0.2
Last Update: Friday, September 11, 2015
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Install-Package cocoon-orm.mysql
dotnet add package cocoon-orm.mysql
paket add cocoon-orm.mysql
cocoon-orm.mysql Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)