NuGet Package XRepositoryJS

The XRepositoryJS library is the JavaScript interface built upon XRepository.

It is an easy-to-configure ORM with a simple API which follows the repository pattern. It supports automapping and works on mutliple databases. XRepositoryJS in particular provides a rapid applicaiton development path for HTML5 applications by bringing powerful ORM features to the browser without the difficulty of NHibernate / Entity Framework or the boilerplatedness of Web API.

--==Note Regarding jQuery==--
XRepositoryJS does depend on jQuery, but because jQuery is hosted by Google for free, it is not automatically included in this NuGet package. It will be up to you to manage how to include jQuery in your project.

It is recommend that you reference Google's copy (lookup "google hosted libraries" for more information). Regardless of the route you choose, please remember that the jQuery NuGet package is not listed as a dependency in this package.


Version: 0.7.2
Author(s): Xanotech LLC
Last Update: Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Install-Package XRepositoryJS
dotnet add package XRepositoryJS
paket add XRepositoryJS
XRepositoryJS Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)