NuGet Package ASP.NET REST Services Framework

REST-service component is a server-side framework that allows easy creation and working with HTTP and REST services within any ASP.NET application, including capability to work with backend server-side .NET code via REST or HTTP services from client-side javascript or other types of client code.

Once a REST-service is defined it can be consumed via regular URL, or using client-side javascript call that resembles the standard C# style function call that is expected to be used within server-side code calling the same method. The REST-service can return any type of data, such as string, byte array, reference to a file that should be sent to a client as a call response, etc. In addition HTML templates functionality can be utilized by building an ascx file template (like regular web user controls) and data model that REST-service method is supposed to return – the framework will process ASCX template by applying data model to it and returning its result to the client. The REST-service framework also provides control over security, and has built-in configuration that is 100% controlled by a developer, including ability to use class alias instead of real class to hide the internal namespaces and classes’ structure used by the server code backend.

Disclaimer: The main purpose of building this framework was to allow the creation of HTTP or REST services in such a way that is easy to use, easy to setup, to not be limited by returned type of data, and making sure that the internal application code can be reused for service purposes.

Although a number of measures were taken, it was not the goal to achieve 100% compatibility with the RESTful architecture.


Version: 1.5.2
Author(s): Lenny Granovsky
Last Update: Saturday, March 23, 2013
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Install-Package RESTServices.Framework
dotnet add package RESTServices.Framework
paket add RESTServices.Framework
RESTServices.Framework Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)