NuGet Package MugenMvvmToolkit - Android API8+

This package contains the Android assemblies for Android with API >= 8.
Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes it easier to develop cross-platform application using the Model-View-ViewModel design pattern.
The Mugen MVVM Toolkit provides a cross-platform MVVM development framework built on top of:
- WinForms
- Silverlight 5
- Silverlight for WP7.1, WP8, WP8.1
- Xamarin.Android
- Xamarin.iOS
- WinRT XAML framework for Windows 8 Store apps
The Mugen MVVM Toolkit makes extensive use of Portable Class Libraries to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applications.
The core of toolkit contains a navigation system, windows management system, IocContainer, validation, etc.
The Mugen MVVM Toolkit provides a powerful bindings that you can use on any platform, here are some features:
- All of the features available for WPF platform available on all platforms and even more
- Binding supports C# language expressions like Linq, Extension methods, method call, ternary operator (?:), coalescing operator (??), etc.

(Text Items.First(x => x == Name).Value), (Text $string.Format('{0} {1}', Prop1, Prop2))
- Supports subscription to any control event. (TextChanged ViewModelMethod($args)), (DoubleClick Command).
- Built-in support for validation.

(Text Prop1, Validate=True), (Text $GetErrors(Prop1).FirstOrDefault())
- You can easily write their own extensions for bindings. (Text $i18.MyLocalizableString), (Text $MyCustomMethod(Prop1)).
- Supports attached members (properties, events, methods), you can extend any object as you want.
- Special editor for WinForms, you do not need to write code to create bindings
- Parser builds syntax tree that allows you to easily change or extend the bindings, without manipulation of the raw text.
- Supports fluent syntax
- Excellent performance.


Version: 1.1.5
Last Update: Monday, November 10, 2014
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Install-Package MugenMvvmToolkit.Android.API8
dotnet add package MugenMvvmToolkit.Android.API8
paket add MugenMvvmToolkit.Android.API8
MugenMvvmToolkit.Android.API8 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)