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The Lumia SensorCore SDK is a collection of APIs that utilize data from different sensors, for example, the accelerometer and the GPS.

SensorCore APIs can be used to track a user's physical activities and motion. The sensors run constantly in the background, collecting and preserving data for up to the past ten days. Even though the sensors are constantly active, they run in a low power mode, consuming only a negligible amount of battery. Since the sensors provide access to users' private data, data privacy is a critical part of the design.

The user has options for controlling SensorCore SDK sensors and collected data through the motion data settings application.

The following features are included in Lumia SensorCore SDK 1.1 Preview:
• Step Counter - Counts the user's walking and running steps.
• Activity Monitor - Determines the current type of motion of the phone and the user.
• Place Monitor - Identifies the user's home, work, and visited places.
• Track Point Monitor - Records location points along the route the user has taken.
• Triggers - For background tasks, for example, for recognizing changes in the step count, or if the user has changed essential settings (location or motion data) in the phone.

Key characteristics of SensorCore SDK
• Power and memory efficient
• Secure data storage on the phone
• Access to motion history for up to ten days

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Platform requirement: Lumia Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Cyan or newer SW


Author(s): Microsoft
Last Update: Sunday, March 1, 2015
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Install-Package LumiaSensorCoreSDK
dotnet add package LumiaSensorCoreSDK
paket add LumiaSensorCoreSDK
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