NuGet Package Keystone Clockwork - Keystone Carbonite ORM PostgreSQL binding

This component adds support for Clockwork to call as Gears Carbonite ORM operations on top of the MySQL DBMS.

Clockwork is a complete programming paradigm that lets you model and execute complex business processes via Gears that encapsulate specific business steps.

Then you assemble those Gears together to compose a myriad of business processes called Mechanisms. A Mechanism is by definition a Gear, so you can create new Mechanisms by mixing and matching Mechanisms and Gears in the vast Clockwork library or those you already have for your private use.

Clockwork include a large library of ready to use Gears to for example do declarative validations, make other Gears asynchronous, and even bind other KEYSTONE components to the Clockwork paradigm.

KEYSTONE is a modern, multi-paradigm, data-centric software development framework.

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Version: 5.3.0
Author(s): KEYSTONE Framework
Last Update: Monday, February 12, 2018
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Install-Package Keystone.Clockwork.To.Carbonite.Diamant.PostgreSql
dotnet add package Keystone.Clockwork.To.Carbonite.Diamant.PostgreSql
paket add Keystone.Clockwork.To.Carbonite.Diamant.PostgreSql
Keystone.Clockwork.To.Carbonite.Diamant.PostgreSql Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)