NuGet Package JsAndCssCombiner

Combine and Compress JavaScript and CSS files on any WebForms or MVC application with zero modifications to the webforms/views.

Requires minimal configuration. No need to change the way you include the js and css resources on your pages.

Simply decorate your action methods with [Combiner(...)] attribute and that's it. Or use the CombinerWebControl for your webforms.
Turn on/off features on the fly by editing a simple text file.
Features include: combines all js and css files into one of each; minimizes their contents; replaces image paths to point to cdn; versions the combined files (or non-combined) automatically after every build or manually; applies output caching to your pages; moves all js to the bottom of the page; moves all css to the head element; removes duplicate js and css files; is able to parse IE conditional comments and only includes the content of these when the corresponding IE version made the request.


Version: 1.0.5
Author(s): Jorge Alvarado
Last Update: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
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Install-Package JsAndCssCombiner
dotnet add package JsAndCssCombiner
paket add JsAndCssCombiner
JsAndCssCombiner Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)