NuGet Package CodeFirstStoredProcs

Access Stored Procedures with Code First.

Includes support for Input and Output parameters, multiple result sets and Table-valued parameters.

V2.1 updates the Table-valued parameter support to a much simpler POCO model, more in keeping with the spirit of Code First / Entity Framework 4.1

V2.2 updates the Dll to work with Entity Framework v.4.3.1

V2.5 updates the Dll for Entity Framework 5

v2.6 updates the Dll for Entity Framework 6; adds Command Timeout optional parameter for long running procs.

v3.0 revamp of the interface, add support for Async, Streaming

v3.2 fix a issue with Async procedure calls

v3.3 internal changes to support Glimpse.EF6

v3.4 fix improper null handling in output parameters

v3.5 fix dll version number

v3.6 Don't send a parameter for null or empty (zero row count) Table Valued Parameter. Fixes error for empty or null TVP's.

v3.7 Bug fix and a bit of code refactoring.

v3.8 allow ordinal values instead of names for return value column assignment to properties

v3.9 Bug fixes! Connections passed in are no longer inadvertently closed.


Version: 3.9
Author(s): aureolin
Last Update: Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Install-Package CodeFirstStoredProcs
dotnet add package CodeFirstStoredProcs
paket add CodeFirstStoredProcs
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