NuGet Package AddThisHelper

A problem has been corrected prventing it from installing properly.

Install this v0.65 as the latest version.

An HtmlHelper that easily allows you to enable AddThis functionality with analytic tracking on your MVC 3 site. The helper renders one of 9 AddThis Styles. You can see those 9 types at

Before using the helper you will need an AddThis account. This account is for the purposes of analytical data. Go to the AddThis site and register.
In your web.config file, create a new entry in appSettings call pubid:
<add key="pubid" value="your profile id goes here" />
Once you have installed the package via NuGet, the helper can used in the page of your choice via:

In this example, the code will render the buttons as 32x32 icons.

There are 9 methods that can be called with this helper.

Just call the appropriate method to render the AddThis style of your choice.


Version: 0.65.0
Author(s): Ashok Padmanabhan
Last Update: Monday, December 19, 2011
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Install-Package AddThisHelper
dotnet add package AddThisHelper
paket add AddThisHelper
AddThisHelper Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)