Top 20 NuGet zebble Packages

Zebble framework for cross platform Xamarin-based solutions.
Native Map component for Zebble apps.
Allows inspection of a running Zebble app on Windows during development.
Renders a data source based on a Template class.
An easy to use API for consuming Web Api services in Zebble apps.
It's similar to a radio buttons (or checkbox list if MultiSelect is set to True).
Allows the user to select one or more items from a pre-defined list.
Provides entities and sql data support for Zebble.
Displays Html content and web pages for Zebble.
A Zebble plugin to draw OxyPlot charts.
A Carousel plugin for Zebble allowing the user to swipe between different views.
A set of components for tabs navigation layout, nav bar and main menu.
Basic date picker and time picker components for Zebble.
A Grid is similar to ListView but instead of a single column it allows you to set the Columns (int) property. The items in the data source will be rendered using the provided Template class. Each row will be filled first before moving to the next row.Native Map component for Zebble apps.
Zebble IAP plugin for Xamarin.
Zebble IAP plugin for Xamarin.
Zebble IAP server abstractions.
A file picker button that opens a dialog allowing the user to select from a range of different file upload options such as "take video", "pick photo", etc.
Cross platform push notification plugin for Zebble apps.
Zebble IAP plugin for Cafe Bazaar.