Top 20 NuGet xaml Packages

Support package xaml library.
New Fluent MVVM Framework. More agile development.
A lightweight MVVM implementation for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) targeting both .NET Framework and .NET.
Markdown XAML processor
styles and controls for your WPF applications without need WinRT. NOTE: This version is an unofficial version of the ModernWPF
Provides framework for developing rich client, composite applications.
Contains various utility classes for working with wpf. Check repo for a list of available utilities.
Easily add interactivity to your Avalonia apps using XAML Behaviors. Behaviors encapsulate reusable functionalities for elements that can be easily added to your XAML without the need for more imperative code.
A collection of UI controls, dialogs, and helper classes with consistent and customizable theming.
The power of XAML Styler wrapped up in a small executable that can be integrated into build scripts, git commit templates, and more. This package is built on top of the same styling engine that powers the Visual Studio plugin, and can be configured by specifying an external configuration.
Provides classes to deal with SVG documents within WPF applications.
A simple MVVM framework that heavily uses IL-weaving based on Fody.
Library for advanced formatting of console/terminal output. Format output like HTML using either .NET DSL (like LINQ to XML), or XAML with bindings (like WPF). Supports paragraphs, lists, grids, Unicode formatting, drawing, export to various formats and much more.
Prism is a fully open source version of the Prism guidance originally produced by Microsoft Patterns & Practices. Prism provides an implementation of a collection of design patterns that are helpful in writing well structured and maintainable XAML applications, including MVVM, dependency injection,...
Gorilla Player provides instant XAML preview for Xamarin Forms.
ToastNotifications allows you to create and display rich notifications in WPF applications. It's highly configurable with set of built-in options like positions, behaviours, themes and many others. It's extendable, it gives you possibility to create custom and interactive notificatio...
Core XAML Components: View Models, Page-as-View-Model, Commanding, Converters, Attached Behaviors, and additional support classes.
FilterBuilder xaml library.
This package contains implementations of the MVVM pattern typically consumed by XAML applications and class libraries.
NoesisGUI WGL Render Context