Top 20 NuGet xamarin-android Packages

Cross Platform Clipboard access for Xamarin Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, UWP, Gtk#
The core library that handles the communication and authentication layer.
A lightweight ViewPager indicator like in Nexus 5 launcher.
Flexbox Layout for Xamarin.Android. FlexboxLayout is a library project which brings the similar capabilities of CSS Flexible Box Layout Module to Android.
TTFancyGifDialog makes your Android Dialog Fancy and more Beautiful. A library that makes normal Android Dialog to high level Dialog with many styling options and fully customizable. Make dialog from few lines of code.
Android Material theme for preference widgets. Backporting the material look and functionality. Available from API 14. Connecting preference-v7 to appcompat-v7.
A fully and highly customizable material designed Toast for Android.
An infinite scrolling timeline to pick a date for Android
A simple Android ImageView which allows you to create diagonal cut views easily
A simple Android ImageView which scales the width or height aspect with the given ratio
Simple Bottom Navigation Bar for Android.
A simple library that displays a beautiful list of all the countries allowing the user to pick the country he wishes and provide details like country code, ISO code name, currency and flag
A swipe button for Android with a circular progress bar for async operations
Simple and lightweight library to create beautiful introduction screens for your Android apps.
A better Android VideoView with more Media Controller customization.
An image picker that extends BottomSheetDialogFragment. Camera and gallery all in one dialog. Single or Multi Selection.
The usual Toast for Xamarin.Android, but with steroids
A calendar that allows you to select both a single date and a period. It Allows you to change colors programmatically without reference to the theme.
The library for creating book and card flip animations in ViewPager in Android
A music progress bar view that loads music file data then shows it in visualizer bar like SoundCloud