Top 20 NuGet xunit Packages

xUnit helper for the MELT testing library to verify that the correct logs are generated by apps or libraries using the .NET Standard Microsoft.Extensions.Logging library.
Tasty Cli Runner - Delicious dotnet testing
TestKit for writing tests for Akka.NET Persistance module using xUnit
Extensions for ordered testing with Xunit. Full support for ordering at all levels - test collections, test classes and test cases. Support for AssemblyFixture including IMessageSink injection and IAsyncLifetime. Supports .NET Core 1.x, .NET Core 2.x. and .NET 4.5.2+
Bringing Jest-esque Snapshot testing to C#. See Project Site for more details
Tasty Transport NamedPipes - Delicious dotnet testing
Tasty Transport InMemory - Delicious dotnet testing
Tasty Remote Reporter - Delicious dotnet testing
TestKit for writing tests for Akka.NET using xUnit.
Helpers for xUnit
Xunit add-on for Swagger/OpenAPI-driven integration testing APIs built on ASP.NET Core
Extensions for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging for xunit.
Allows for a [RetryFact(n)] or [RetryTheory(n)] attributes to be placed above tests in XUnit. This can be used to re-run a failed test up to n times, allowing for transient failures (e.g. network related) to be tolerated.
Package Description
Package Description
Neon Xunit related extensions.
Accelerates preparation of mocked structures for unit tests under xUnit2 by configuring AutoFixture data generation to use FakeItEasy. Gracefully handles recursive structures by omitting recursions.
Allows NBench tests to be discovered, executed, reported, and debugged using xUnit in ReSharper, and Visual Studio Test Explorer. Please refer to the project Url for usage information:
Neon Couchbase test helpers.
neonKUBE Neon Xunit testing helpers.