Top 20 NuGet x86 Packages

NVIDIA Cg libraries
Python2.7 unofficial dev environment package x64 and x86
.NET wrapper for udis86
Contains x86 and x64 native libcurl binaries for Windows. Current libcurl version: 7.70.0 released on the 29th of April 2020.
Msbuild targets to compile and build VcxProjs using GCC with dotnet in Windows and Linux. With this tool nuget package you can target any build server and your .sln just works fine.
Library (x86, x64) for getting video frames
Contains the native binaries of a LGPL build of FFmpeg.
VST.NET 1.1 primary assemblies 32/64-bits
Oracle DataAccess x86 This NuGet package contains Oracle.DataAccess.dll (x86) needed to compile a project that uses Oracle's ODP.NET Library. Oracle will still need to be installed on the production or development machine in order to connect to Oracle.
VS 2017 (vc141) prebuilt x86 / x64 native runtime / static libraries for OpenSSL (Cryptography and SSL/TLS Toolkit). Using LTS version 1.1.1o
library for working with the ia32 instruction set