Top 20 NuGet wpdev Packages

A flexible library aiming to help Windows Phone developers to have neat and native looking tiles for their apps and/or in their apps. Details at
PhoneListBox is a control that allows you to display a message (text) to the user when there are no items to display. Also allows you to disable a number of items in the list based on whether the app is in Trial Mode.
Get Google Analytics to work with your Windows Phone application. The package is based on the original Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework but focusses on getting Google Analytics to work with Windows Phone.
Remove all XML Documentation files from your project output app package (.appx/.xap).
A PCL library to help you access the Windows Phone Store data (both music and apps)
The InnerActive Ad SDK for Windows Phone 8.
This package contains an asynchronous Json serialization plugin. Also serves as an implementation for IMvxJsonConverter and IMvxTextSerializer
Helps you to create HTTP requests that are signed using OAuth 1.0.
Universal Windows Platform Control and Utility library DEPRECATED This package is not supported anymore. All Controlls and Utilites have been moved to the official UWP Community Toolkit ( Please use it instead.