Top 20 NuGet wolfpack Packages

Provides the necessary interfaces and base classes to create your own custom Wolfpack HealthChecks.
Wolfpack.Publishers adds the necessary interfaces and base classes to create your own custom Publishers.
An email publishing plugin for the Wolfpack Distributed Monitoring System based on the Razor ViewEngine
Wolfpack.Core.Testing provides a set of helpers and mocks to help test Wolfpack plug-ins. Wolfpack uses StoryQ to provide a BDD framework for plugin development.
This provides a check to monitor a CI/Build server for new builds and then extract and publish build stats from your StoryQ, SpecFlow, NCover reports. Also provides base classes to build new parsers and build notifiers.
A MongoDb Health Check for the Wolfpack Distributed Monitoring System that will check for new entries in the collection used by the log4Mongo package.
This plugin provides a MongoDb notification repository and complimentary publisher so your Wolfpack alerts can be stored in MongoDb.
Provides checks related to RabbitMQ installations including a queue length check to alert you when a queue grows beyond your configured threshold
Provides an assembly for various Wolfpack contrib projects to demonstrate themselves. There are no Wolfpack plugins contained in this package
Provides a REST client (currently based aruond RestSharp) to interact with the Wolfpack WebService API. If you want to quickly connect to the API then this is the best way however any standard web client could be used.
Provides the necessary infrastructure to create custom plugins and extensions to the Wolfpack WebService feature
*** Install with Chocolatey! (cinst wolfpack) *** Wolfpack is an extensible .Net windows service based framework for running jobs to monitor your software and system. The data collected can be sent directly to Databases like SqlServer and MongoDb and also to dashboards. It comes preloaded with some ...
Provides a fake health check plugin for the Wolfpack Distributed Monitoring System. This is can be forced to create an always passing or failing notification, useful for testing Wolfpack publishers.
Provide a health check plugin for Wolfpack Distributed Monitoring System that will alert when a new version of a NuGet package is available