Top 20 NuGet winjs Packages

MetroLog is a lightweight logging framework designed for portable code and WinJS. Although the API is based on NLog and log4net, the intention is that it's a very basic logging system. This version targets .NET Core, .NET 4.5, Windows 8.1 (Windows Store apps), Windows Phone 8, WinPhone 8.1, W...
Control to provide page-like navigation with FlipView
Custom navigator control that adds new event model and page features
Helper methods, bindings, and animations
helpers that simplify background task integration for WinRT apps
Google Analytics SDK for Windows and Windows Phone with support for Google Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol
The JavaScript Debug Symbols for WinRT adds a property to the Debug global object that you can query to detect if the application is running with the Debug build configuration selected, allowing conditional execution of JavaScript code in a Windows Store app.
Control to show progress indicator on a page or globally in the application
Control for managing an extended splash screen in WinRT apps
helpers and bindings for dates
control to manage ListView layouts in your markup instead of code
Wrapper for communication between main code web workers or iframes
run custom scripts in a isolated sandbox
Helpers for WinRT applications
Control for showing page flyout on Windows Phone. Usefull for implementing searchbox, custom menus, etc
This client library enables client applications to connect to Windows Azure Mobile Services. Mobile Services allows you to develop an app with a scalable and secure backend hosted in Windows Azure. You can incorporate structured storage, user authentication and push notifications in minutes. For mor...
This project provides Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) bindings for WinJS to abstract over the event binding, and promises.
Tab control based on html fragments
search engine to index and search content locally
navigation control in a side flyout