Top 20 NuGet windsor Packages

An adaptor to allow EasyNetQ to use Castle.Windsor as its internal IoC container
Castle Windsor is best of breed, mature Inversion of Control container available for .NET.
Castle Windsor logging facility lets you easily inject loggers into your components. It offers integration with most popular 3rd party logging frameworks like log4net, NLog and Serilog (see Castle Core docs).
Castle Windsor WCF Integration facility enables integration with Windows Communication Foundation. It makes services and WCF proxies available as services in your application, lets you use non-default constructor and inject dependencies into your services, adds ability to easily set up your services...
Provides ability for the components to be created by factory objects. You can use it to register things like HttpContext in the container. This facility is mostly targeted towards legacy applications.
A Windsor bootstrapper for the Nancy web framework.
Synergy Layered Application Architecture (SLARCH) support using Windsor Castle
Castle Windsor ASP.NET Core facility lets you easily add windsor to aspnet core apps.
Castle Windsor system web facility lets you easily add windsor to legacy aspnet web apps.
The PPWCode Vernacular NHibernate Castle Windsor library version II.
Castle Windsor WebApi facility lets you easily add windsor to aspnet webapi apps.
Package Description
An inversion control abstraction system.
NitroNet Castle Windsor package for Sitecore
NitroNet Castle Windsor package
Castle Windsor IoC registration for CoreDdd.Nhibernate library
Integration support for Castle Windsor in to NRules.
Interceptor and dynamicProxy support for Castle.Windsor via AspectCore Framework.
Castle Windsor support for CoreIoC
Castle Windsor IoC registration for CoreDdd library