Top 20 NuGet webdriver Packages

Adapter to run Selenium tests through AsyncChromeDriver
Adapter to run Selenium tests through AsyncFirefoxDriver
A lightweight lib that wrapper Selenium Webdriver commands using the Cascade Design Pattern.
A library to make the .NET implementation of Selenium Webdriver easier to work with.
Marketing cookies friendly web driver for Selenium in C#.
Extension methods for Selenium WebDriver. Simplifies working with common HTML controls
An easy way to create xpath expressions for verifying the presence of elements in a document.
Simple project to extend the idea of PageObjectModels for Selenium WebDriver. Define simple classes to represent your page or portion of a page, and use attributes to tell WebDriver how the model maps to the html.
Common Place to keep web driver extensions and provides wrapper to handle browser specific implementations of functionality.
Framework for easy testing of UI Web pages with Selenium 2.X based on Virtual Intelligence technology
These extension methods will automate many common actions while testing a ServiceNow instance.
Query selector support for Selenium WebDriver.
Selenium utilities and helpers.
All Drivers for webdriver ChromeDriver v2.23 geckodriver v0.9.0 64 bit Windows IE v2.53.1 (x86) Microsoft WebDriver v3.14393
Selenium Framework
This is a straight forward implementation of a simple Selenium framework, designed to promote the use of the Page Object pattern.
A group of extensions for Selenium Web Driver
Note: The package will not be maintained anymore! Library including WebDriverFactory class and other useful utilities and extensions.
From the Selenio project. Adds the Selenio.Extensions namespace with Web Driver, Page Object and Web Element extension methods.