Top 20 NuGet web.config Packages

Makes it easy to load a strongly-typed object (or IList of objects) from a custom web.config or app.config file section without having to write a custom IConfigurationSectionHandler implementation.
strong.config provides an automatically-generated, strongly-typed facade for accessing application configuration settings.
The Config Helper Pro Library has the ability to manage all your .NET configuration needs. Read/write to the registry, application/web config, and INI files with a single line of code. Everything is 100% managed code.
ConfigZilla is a solution for applying transformations to *.config files across an entire solution in a quick and DRY-ish manner. It also provides a GUI for easy encrypting and decrypting of config files.
Useful extension methods for .Net Standard 2.0 and above.
The ViewStateOptimizer is a .NET library used to optimize the ViewState problem for the web forms platform. It will include a set of the best methods to improve the performance for the web forms when using ViewState.
EcConfig is a simple Nuget plugin (for Microsoft development platform including .NET) to give the control to your client of your .NET application without risking to break your service by using different file(s) than app.config or web.config files, and then some !
Manage config file with customerized nodes
Easy to use tool to config transformations for JSON, XML and YAML.
Library which allows the capability to redirect your configuration sections to another source.
Simple and extensible way to make web.config/app.config/env vars/whatever easier to read and strongly typed!
A plugin to FeatureSwitcher to control feature switches/toggles from app.config.
This package contains extensions for XDT (XML Document Transforms). Included here is an MSBuild task as well as other extensions.
Implementation of PK.Settings for accessing settings from the application configuration file (Web.config or App.confing)
Adds .eot, .otf, .ttf, .woff and .woff2 as `mimeMap` entries to web.config, so that IIS can serve them correctly.
Read settings from app.config or web.config file.
Adds the required WebAPI controller and models to your project with the capability to manage your configuration data, as an extension to the library YourConfigIsInAnotherCastle.
Supplies JS and HTML files used to create a client side management page for your configuration. This client code is designed to work with the package YourConfigIsInAnotherCastle.Manage.Service.