Top 20 NuGet weather Packages

Please upgrade to version 12 (Search ThinkGeo.Core on NuGet) if possible. Version 12 works with both .NET Framework and .NET Core, has much less dependencies and many other benifits over 10.0. Noaa Layer is included in the main package ThinkGeo.Core in Version 12. ThinkGeo.MapSuite.Layers.Noa...
A multiplatform .NET API abstraction for multiple weather services (OpenWeather, DarkSky, ...)
Official .NET client library for the Degree API, providing accurate heating and cooling degree days and hourly temperature data for locations worldwide. Degree days are a specialist form of weather data that is widely used in analysis of building energy consumption, to account for the effe...
An asynchronous .NET Standard 2.0 library that allows you to fetch & cache current weather readings from the OpenWeather API, with built-in resiliency that can extend the cache lifetime in case the API is unreachable.
A .NET Standard library for using the Dark Sky API.
An unofficial .NET API wrapper for
A package for querying the NOAA weather feeds with simplicity. You can query by zip code, or by station name. The component will parse the xml, and return a POCO. A componenet ported from OpenWeather - Made for .NET core. Functionallity: - Current Observations - Forecasts (depends on the stations....
GribApi.NET is a C# library for reading and writing GRIB 1 and 2 files. It wraps the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting's powerful C library, ecCodes. NOTE: This library requires the 2015 MSVC redistributable package (
Class library for working with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology data.
OpenWeatherMap based async .NET API please see more info here Simple .NET Weather API, currently gets supports current weather, One Call API, and hourly forecasts.
A simple tool that allows you to get weather data using the OpenWeatherMap API. Displays the current Weather in your terminal.
An open source library for METAR and TAF data retrieval
A .NET Standard API to allow .NET developers convenient access to SMHI's weather forecast service.
A .NET Standard library for the Dark Sky weather API.
METAR.NET is class library used to decode and encode weather information METAR, TAF or SPECI reports used to capture and present weather mostly for aviation. METAR.NET.Downloaders.Portable package contains classes for downloading METAR and TAF reports from different sources. This package contains ...
Weather Underground .Net API (Also .Net Standard Wrapper library for the Weather API
WorldWeatherOnline Weather API
A libary to fetch DWD warnings
Control Library to show the Weather Meteo Icon. Use Api (Free use API)
Metwit Weather API