Top 20 NuGet vostok Packages

Facade with main Hercules client interfaces and data model.
This library allows to deploy and run a local Kafka server for testing purposes.
An implementation of IClusterProvider based on ServiceDiscovery.
A library with core tracing interfaces, such as ITracer and ISpan.
Common collections library for microservice toolkit
Distributed tracing module for ClusterClient.
An implementation of metric event sender based on Hercules client. Also provides mapping from Hercules events back to metrics.
Extensions for reading and writing application associated data in service discovery system.
Configuration source based on ClusterConfig client.
Implementation of ConfigurationProvider — the entry point to Vostok configuration subsystem.
HTTP transport for .NET Framework based on WebRequest class.
Primary interfaces for service discovery subsystem (both server-side and client-side).
A library with core logging interfaces, such as ILog and LogEvent.
A bridge from Vostok ILog interface to Serilog ILogger.
An implementation of Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions.ILogger that writes log events to Vostok ILog.
Facade with primary ClusterConfig client interface (IClusterConfigClient) and data model.
A library with core configuration interfaces.
A library that provides a fair deal of syntactic sugar over `AsyncLocal` to facilitate usage of ambient context properties in applications.
This library contains a transport implementation built upon SocketsHttpHandler and targeting .NET Core 2.1+.