Top 20 NuGet video Packages

Twilio REST API helper library
Cross-platform wrapper for FFmpeg.
VisioForge .Net products for video capture, editing and playback (Video Capture SDK, Media Player SDK, Video Edit SDK). Core package. Samples - .
Headers, import libraries, and runtime dlls for FFmpeg, based on the official FFmpeg windows builds.
Official client library for easily integrating with the Cloudinary service
Take or pick photos and videos from a cross platform API.
Is a comprehensive library for handling audio/video codecs and streaming technologies.
LibVLC is a modular multimedia framework that can render video and output audio as well as encode and stream. As it is native code, you will need to use a wrapper library such as LibVLCSharp to use it from .NET.
A complete Private Instagram API for .NET. Support: - Create new account with phone number and email. [v180] - Login with Cookies. - Edit Profile, change/remove profile picture. - Upload album (videos and photos) - Upload story (video/photo) to self story and direct thread - Send video/photo/story...
Cross platform .NET Xamarin plugin to play and control Audio and Video
A .NET Standard FFMpeg/FFProbe wrapper for easily integrating media analysis and conversion into your .NET applications
This plugin allows you to add Banner, Insterstitial and Rewarded Video Ads to your Android and iOS projects in just a line of code
VisioForge Video Capture SDK Kinect 2 package. Samples - .
Cross platform .NET plugin to play and control Audio and Video. This adds .NET MAUI / Xamarin.Forms specific features
VideoUltimate is a .NET Video Reader and a .NET Video Thumbnailer which can read any video file format on the planet. It supports .NET 5.0+ or .NET Core 2.0+ and .NET Framework 4.7.2+ web/console/desktop applications. It allows you read a video file frame by frame or generate meaningful thumbnails.
libvideo (aka VideoLibrary) is a modern .NET library for downloading YouTube videos. It is portable to most platforms and is very lightweight. Find us on GitHub at
Abstraction layer over YouTube's internal API. Note: this package has limited availability in Russia and Belarus.
Provides audio and video encode and decode capabilities plus media end points that can be used with the main SIPSorcery real-time communications library.
VisioForge Video Capture SDK Kinect package. Samples - .
.Net-based SDK that integrates video capturing and processing functions into software. Implements video and audio playback and capture from a broad range of sources including TV tuners, USB web cams, DV/HDV camcorders, PCI capture cards and IP cameras. Supports AVI, WMV, DV, MPEG-1/2, MP4, FLV and W...