Top 20 NuGet utilities Packages

Kode-Aid shared Azure Cosmos document DB library.
Kode-Aid shared Azure storage based cache library.
Core utility library for the One Frame Link project.
Specification extensions and automocking utilities for interaction tests.
A foundational library for .Net frameworks including model binding and localization
Extensions and helpers for NSubstitute
A handy collection of utilties for working with JSON, settings, and more.
Kode-Aid shared protocol buffers serialization library.
Kode-Aid shared JSON serialization library.
Kode-Aid shared Reactive (Rx) library.
Kode-Aid shared IO compression (zip files) library.
Kode-Aid shared HTML utility library.
Kode-Aid shared SQL client data library.
Kode-Aid shared protocol buffers library.
Kode-Aid shared caching core library.
A reusable Google Calendar synchronisation implementation for .NET applications
A set of extensions that allow defining configuration properties in XML and registering your components in code using a custom properties resolver
A library for storing and loading application's window positioning
Basic .NET utilities.
Common calendar classes for .NET applications