Top 20 NuGet utilities Packages

Библиотека вспомогательных классов
Facilitatates DI, IoC, Event Aggregation, and provides tools for Meta Developers, such as Reflection Extension Methods and Attribute Interpretation Services.
Utilities I need for almost every project
Utilities & extensions to make programming in .NET easier.
TT template that contains many useful helper functions and classes.
Utilities.Web.Mvc for Gorilla Geek development
Utilities.Cripto for Gorilla Geek development
Utilities.Droid for Gorilla Geek development
This is a wrapper for array to be enabled with underscore features.
A Domain Name parser based on the Public Suffix List
HijriLibrary contains a single class "HijriDate" which represents a HijriDate based on UmAlQuraCalendar.
Biblioteca responsável por armazenar métodos de extensão genéricos que podem ser úteis em diversos projetos distintos.
General utilities.
Simple utlities used for many projects. This will centralize many good ideas and bug fixes.
[codingfreaks] base utility library
[codingfreaks] extended utility library
What is OBT SDK ? A small set of utilities for programs. Includes stuff for databases, networking, messaging and debugging and many miscelaneous classes. Check it out to see if you find something useful for your projects and let me know :D !!! Requirements: .Net Framework 4.0 or superior .Ne...
.NET Resource Manager useful utilities