Top 20 NuGet user Packages

User Session Manager middleware retains user session information within ASP.Net Core websites.
View CRM Users, their audit activity and find users who last logged-in
User Account plugin asp net core plugin manager.
Tool for efficiently managing User's security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Provides support for User Secrets with Arcus Secret Store
LicenseSpring is a Cloud Software Licensing platform allowing software vendors to implement and enforce licensing entitlements within their applications. There are no license servers to configure, and LicenseSpring supports all major licensing models.
Manage users personal settings in bulk
A library to parse user-agent strings in C#.
A mouse, keyboard, gamepad and touch ready Ui system that features automatic anchoring, sizing and several ready-to-use element types.
This is a .NET standard library that tries to parse and analyze the user agent string and extract as many relevant attributes as possible. The library aims to provides a reliable and extensible user agent parsing, browser and device detection. This is a semantic analyzer, so it doesn't rely on any...
Graphic enjin to generate grid, graphic, tab and modal in cshtml. To get access to all fonctionalities, you need to include those dependencies in the <head/> section of your web application: - ...
Server side analytics tool for ASP.NET Core projects
Claims-based user account and identity management framework