Top 20 NuGet units Packages

Unit conversion library for .NET
Unit library to facilitate the modeling and manipulation of distances, areas, etc
Utility class for conversions between .NET types.
Custom converters for serializing and deseriazling RedStar.Amounts types to JSON using NewtonSoft's JSON.NET library.
Standard units to use with the RedStar.Amounts package. These contain units that are part of the International System of Units (or SI, from the French Système Internationale).
A helpful library for including signals into your domain model.
Basic recipe units and conversions for dotnet core applications.
An opinionated adapter for MathNet.Spatial using UnitsNet.
Composit widget to allow user to enter e.g. height / weight values and convert between units. See jQuery.ui.unitconverter.Example.html for a working example for height/weight inputs.
Measurement units package to help converting units. The biggest advantage of this library is that it's type safe.
Units of measure for C#
Units of measure for C#
Easily work with units and amounts to reduce bugs, increase readability and improve interoperability.
Package Description
DEPRECATED! Use UnitsNet 4.0.0 or later instead, which is now signed. This package will be unlisted sometime later. Get all the common units of measurement and the conversions between them. It is light-weight and thoroughly tested.
An addon library for JoshuaKearney.Measurements that provides converters for the CSVHelper library
.NET Micro Framework library to simplify handling unit (length, weight, volume, energy, etc.)
A strongly-typed physical units object
analyzers and code fixes for unit refactorings