Top 20 NuGet unit-testing Packages

Adds the current SeleniumServer.jar (27MB) to the project (requires Java to run - Pulls in Selenium.Support. Useful for headless browser testing where you don't want to be bothered with setting up Selenium Server. Note, if you already have a SeleniumServer.jar on your system, you c...
Deleporter - Simple Cross Process Stubbing. Facilitates stubbing out dependencies when running automated browser tests against ASP.Net. Use in conjunction with your favorite mocking/IOC frameworks. Deleporter will teleport mock objects (or any arbitrary delegates) into a remote ASP.Net application, ...
NUnit extension for Xml testing
Write xUnit tests in a style emphasizing scenarios and examples
A small framework for allowing unit tests to be injected into running WPF applications, allowing for simpler UI unit testing.
Wraps common mocking patterns in descriptive methods. This makes it easy to write tests that read like functional specifications of the application.
Helper classes for developing .NET Core applications - Testing
An xUnit extension to dynamically generate human readable test names.
Diffa is a .netstandard unit-test assertion library that allows you to verify your test results against approved files. Inspired by [ApprovalTests](, Diffa will also automatically launch your favorite diff tool when an assertion fails so you can compare...
Subs for unit testing AspNetCore HttpContext
Deleporter Core (use Deleporter.Server/Deleporter.Client for easy setup) - Simple Cross Process Stubbing. Deleporter is a lightweight .NET library that teleports arbitrary delegates into an ASP.NET application in some other process (e.g. hosted in IIS) and runs them there. One use case is stubbing ...
A port of the Silverlight Toolkit Test Framework that includes an MSBuild task for Continuous Integration support. This project will be terminated once there is official support for running in-emulator unit tests in a CI environment.
It's a very subtle test data factory with flexible capabilities to customize created objects. Permanent customizations per type can be defined in order to be always applied on-the-fly to objects being created. At the same time any number of additional ad-hoc customizations can be applied in particul...
SystemWrapper is a library that wraps .NET classes for system resources like System.IO.FileInfo, System.Reflection.Assembly, and many other classes so you can easily mock them. This particular build of SystemWrapper is strongly-named from revision 94877.
Makes unit-testing easier
dokimi runner for nunit
A micro-framework for unit testing class and type declarations.
Utility for extracting values from lambdas and delegates. Can be used for unit-testing
A collection of stub interface builders and test data creators, helpful in creating robust and easily maintained suites of unit tests