Top 20 NuGet udp Packages

A Serilog sink sending UDP packages over the network.
Transport model in DotNetty
Send Audit.NET Trail Logs as connectionless UDP datagrams to a remote host or a multicast group
.Net Framework Supported: .Net Framework 2.0+ .Net Core 2.0+ .Net 5.0+ .Net 6.0+ .Net 7.0+ Platform supported: Windows 7+ x86/x64 Linux kernel 2.6.32+ x86/x64 mac OS 10.12+ x64 Raspberry Pi 4B (HP-Socket for Windows & Linux & OSX) HP-Socket is a set of high-performance TCP/ UDP/HTTP communication f...
Tridion Content Interaction Library
Wire protocol messaging implementations, such as with full-duplex TCP and UDP multicast, using vlingo/actors.
Library of components for managing standard and TLS asynchronous TCP/UDP/Multicast client/server connections, as well as serial and file-based communication in a client/server interface based abstraction layer.
SimpleUdp is a super simple way of building UDP clients and servers in C#.
Tridion Sites Content Interaction Library. Client API for the Content Interaction Services.
The easiest logging library to use to send log messages to syslog, the console, or the file system. It's. REALLY. Easy.
Lite reliable UDP library for .NET, Mono, and .NET Core
Provides Ethernet (and UDP) communication features, using the PacketDotNet and SharpPcap libraries. Use with OpcLabs.QuickOpc for OPC UA PubSub transport protocol mappings based on Ethernet, or for work with Ethernet or UDP capture files.
Ultra fast and low latency asynchronous socket server & client C# .NET Core library with support TCP, SSL, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket protocols and 10K connections problem solution
Tridion Content Interaction Library. Client API for the Content Interaction Services.
Network library supporting: TCP, UDP, RSA, events and objects. Fast and simple, with only 48bit overhead per packet. Send and receive packets with async operations. Examples at: Documentation at: Fork me: h...
Network media component, for TCP/IP or UDP connections.
Socket PCL Xamarin Cross platform for iOS, Windows 10 (UWP) and Android
A library for .NET that includes AForge.NET-based video providers for IceLink's WebRTC extension. (Community Edition)