Top 20 NuGet totalsoft Packages

Messaging subscriber host
A few lightweight messaging abstractions
A collection of DDD domain building blocks
Extensions for creating new columns in sql Server for Serilog Table
Nats messaging
An Entity Framework data access for general use.
This package contains some lightweight data access abstractions
Serilog enrichers for Correlation package
Correlation middleware for Asp.Net Core
Package Description
Contains data access building blocks for event-sourced aggregates.
This package provides cross-cutting abstractions and type extensions that other packages rely upon. The interfaces of this package are not intended to be directly referenced by the end-consumer.
Process manager definition builder.
Correlation infrastructure for distributed systems
Package Description
This package helps us formalize and instrument messaging data contracts.
This package contains an event repository built with plain old Ado.Net
Asp.Net DI and Scrutor missing features
Legacy code for compatibiltity with NBB 4.x. Reference this package only to support published language assemblies compiled against NBB 4
A resiliency policy library