Top 20 NuGet totalsoft Packages

Messaging subscriber host
A resiliency policy library
A few lightweight messaging data contracts. You should reference this package from published language.
A few lightweight messaging abstractions
A collection of DDD domain building blocks
Correlation middleware for Asp.Net Core
Nats messaging
Some DDD domain buiding blocks abstractions
An Entity Framework data access for general use.
This package contains some lightweight data access abstractions
Serilog enrichers for Correlation package
Correlation infrastructure for distributed systems
This package containes core abstractions intended to be references by other building blocks. You should not have to reference this package directly.
Data contracts for CQ(R)S applications.
Kafka messaging infrastructure based on Confluent producer consumer apis
This package contains the building blocks needed to lift an event store in a topic/queue on the default messaging.
Event store subscribers host
This package contains a modest implementation of an event store.
Contains data access building blocks for event-sourced aggregates.
Template for generating a unit test project