Top 20 NuGet toast Packages

WinJS library to make windows 8 toast notifications simple and easy subscription module
The ReflectedTile class extends ShellToast with the "Sound" property for WP8 GDR3 that allow you to set custom notify audio clip.
This library allows to easily build and send tile, toast and badge notifications for Windows Store apps.
Strongly typed helper for toast notifications in Windows Store apps
WPF.Notifier shows one or more toastnotification-windows. Besides it's possible to show your own window with your viewmodel as a toastnotification. (I)NotifierManager should be a Singleton, if you use it from different classes, because all notificationwindos are saved internally and removed after ...
The official NotificationsExtensions library from Microsoft. Supports JavaScript UWP projects (see NotificationsExtensions.Win10 for the C#/C++ version). Generate tile, toast, and badge notifications for Windows 10 via code, with the help of IntelliSense, instead of directly using XML. Sup...
A simple way of showing some notifications (Toasts/Croutons) inside your Xamarin or Windows application.
Android (Notification) Toast Control for WPF
Crouton is a class that can be used by Android developers that feel the need for an alternative to the Context insensitive Toast.
Polished toast for Xamarin Android
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Nice WPF equivalent of Toast Notifications. Works in any windows application type, including console.
Powerful in-app based toast notifications just like Android Studio
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Toastie is a customizable Android toast library
Implementação para chamada backend do Jquery Toast Plugin. Retorna o Javascript necessário para exibição de mensagens em tempo de excução do lado do servidor.