Top 20 NuGet to Packages

A .NET library containing LINQ-to-Object extension methods for working with TPL Tasks. Feedback welcome.
Extended ListView for Universal Apps. Added Pull to refresh functionality and "Load more data" when the listview reaches the end. Works on Windows & Windows Phone 8.1
ORM Profiler lets you gain insight in what your data-access code, e.g. your Entity Framework using code, is doing, find performance problems and quickly learn how to fix them. SD.Tools.OrmProfiler.Interceptor is the interceptor package for regular ORMs and ADO.NET using data-access logic. The In...
Word to number converter
jQuery goTop is a <2kb Scroll to Top jQuery plugin.
An extension of media service to upload large files.
Add PullToRefresh behavior to ListView, GridView and more controls with ScrollViewer.
Set class active to nav menue in Mvc with Htmlhelper
German Project. Entitäten für den ADT_GEKID Basisdatensatz Version 1.0.5
Images Uploader For Javascript
RageSoft Business Layer Management tools for Entity Framework 6 integration
RageSoft Business Layer Management tools
FuryTechs Business Layer Management tools
HTML to XSL-FO converter
Generic XML-To-Entity Parser for C#
Xamarin and Windows plugin to perform text to speech functionality. Adjustable pitch, speak rate, locale, and more.
[Preview] Hi, I'm here to extend EPPlus with a html export ;)
Model to Querystring is an extension method, which will help you to generate the Querystring from the model
CBTS proxy references
Excel Writer will allow developers to export IEnumerator to excel within 3 lines of code