Top 20 NuGet thumbnail Packages

Android library for creating image/video gallery with thumbnails on bottom of the screen.
AspNetCore middleware to serve image thumbnails with disk caching.
MS Windows related tools like icon extraction, reading data from url-files, put text into clipboard, Network, getting metadata from DNS or DHCP or Active Directory
A plugin for ImageProcessor adding PDF as a recognized input format. This allows you to easily show thumbnails from PDF's.
Generiert aus verschiedensten Eingabemedien ein Thumbnail
Library for simple image manipulation like creating thumbnails or resizing images
Fluent library to apply filters and manipulate images
WPF lacks some basic functionality, so I coded it up and share the result with you here. Controls and windows include InputBox (like the VB6 function but more powerful), EditableLabel, ThumbnailPanel, and more. There are also helpers for associating with file types and starting up with Windows.
FivePower.Tools.ImageSharp是一个五次方软件基于.net core平台下的应用框架的图像处理类,可对图像进行处理或者是生成水印图片。
Create image thumbnails from uploaded image files to help downsize large resolution images that need to be displayed on your website in a smaller resolution.
Ghostscript for .NET, wrapper for Ghostscript in C#